Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 Suggested - Kate Greenstreet

Kate Greenstreet's name has been floating around between my brain synapses for awhile, so I added her to the 2010 Suggested. I'm glad I did. She's the sort of author that makes me want to write, the sort of person I'd love to be in poetic conversation with. She speaks a language that is relevant and comprehensible to my ears. Reading her poetry is like hearing half of a conversation that a person is having with herself, and so there is mystery and subtlety and room for the reader to be a part of the dialogue.

I just finished The Last 4 Things. I'm going to read it again, just because. I could open it to any page and find something I would want to share. Although share is an odd, kindergarten word.

Anyway, from p. 51:

What you feel watching someone be lost for a while.
To bear a light for a person on a dark street.
To set one's dog on a stranger.

you see,
I am very old.

And there were eyes
in the wall.

I am not
a magnetic. Surely not. For my sight

If we haven't beauty
or wealth
or even goodness to save us...

Be brave but--
say there was a fire.

We should not shamelessly trample
upon one another.
I said, "He's my brother"?

I don't know why I would have said that.

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