Friday, July 03, 2009

The Great American Interchange

The woman in the leopard print dress
Wants you to believe

It's all natural

The American lion much larger
13,000 years ago

(and living)

Long legs parting

The American Serengeti

Great gods of evolution!

(and silicone)

I believe--

In extinction

In the futility of calling God
Good in the particular

(or of calling)

In the wireless clicking of the centipede


ctm said...

Nice--I think the juxtapositions work really well.

Charmi said...

Thanks, Clayton. I'm finally working on the pile of stuff I generated in April.

How's the muse treating you?

ctm said...

The ideas are starting to come again. Slowly. I think I'll be writing again soon...

David Dodd Lee said...

What about "The Mysterious Rising
Head With No Lips" for a title?
Too weird? or "And Then the Head
Rolls Off Amidst Pumpkins"?
Something creepy anyway that has to do with a disembodied head . . .

Charmi said...

See, this is the problem with the internet. I need to see the glint in your eyes when you're talking.

I will consider the possibilities of disembodied head titles whilst I'm sleeping. Perhaps something will come to me.

David Dodd Lee said...

yes, mine eyes were full of glinting. i actually like the title you you used . . .