Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Texas Living

Q. When you drink, how many beers would you typically consume, roughly speaking?
A. Never more than 15.
Q. Would you agree with me, sir, that when you consume 15 beers over a six-hour period, you are going to be heavily intoxicated?
A. Yes, sir, that's plenty. I'm full at that point.
Q. All right. when you have that many beers, are you typically able to continue to converse with people, or do you normally pass out?
A. I usually eat dinner and clean up my mess and go to bed.


Talia Reed said...

Well yeah. 15 beers and my family's finally ready to dig into whatever it was Mom cooked for them a few hours ago and tried to get them to eat. (notice I'm using "them" and not "us")

Rachel said...

God bless Texas.

Jennifer said...

I'd be puking LOOOOOOONG before that.

Charmi said...

Texas living is an art, I believe, that takes a lot of practice.