Saturday, September 22, 2007

Gorilla Versus Bear

I keep meaning to post this: Gorilla versus Bear. Music, et cetera. Now I've gone beyond meaning...


Vince said...

WHOA! Charmi!

You visit G vs B !!?!?

That is by far the coolest thing ever! What do you think of the monks and the cave diggers and that latest little Grizzly Bear clip? Aren't they amazing?

Also. How deep are you in the indie music scene? Do you visit other blogs? I suggest, I guess i'm floating, and you ain't no picasso.

Oooooooooooh maaaan!! We have GOT to have a music conversation.

You have so made my day.

Neil Kelly said...

Why is there only a picture of a gorilla? Where's the bear?

Charmi said...

Calm down, Vince. I'm not that cool. It's my offspring, who are continually bringing me things, little cats dumping birds on my doorstep...

But seriously, Tom (son) is the one deep into the indie music scene and he tries to keep me current. From today's offerings I like The New Pornographers clip, although I'd already heard it awhile back. I'm still working my way through the rest.

From stuff I've listened to recently, The Fratellis are cool. The National is not bad.

Thanks for the sites. I'll let you know what I think of the other clips later. Today was a school day!

Neil - imagine the bear.